About Our Company

About Our Company


What We Do

What We Do

We EVALUATE Students.

We IMPROVE Students.

We RE-DISCOVER Students Lost Potentials.

PrepNet provides one of the BEST online Self Preparation and Evaluation Systems in India to prepare for any kind of examinations. Be it School Exams, Entrance Exams or Competitive Exams, our Service will always help a student to prepare, test and evaluate their preparedness for the exam among fellow students or aspirants. With our dynamic ranking system, they can always have a clear insight about their preparation levels at all times.

Our short duration tests of Online Preparatory Solutions can be accessed anytime anywhere without interfering in their normal day to day schedules. They can also find the solutions for all their wrong answers instantly. All previous tests given are saved for future reviews for 90 days.

Our virtual classroom environment of Smart Live Class is backed with best and latest technology. Our top class faculties will ensure that our students will get the best of everything, be it study lectures, tips & tricks or multimedia contents.

Our quality and to the point study materials help them to gain a deep insight into that chapter or topic.

Helping Students Since

Helping Students Since



Back Story

Back Story

Back in end 2014, during a casual conversation about the various struggles, we, as a student faced. We came to the point where the primary hurdle we faced are:

  1. Lack of in-depth understanding of the subjects and ways to evaluate my knowledge.
  2. Lack of proper doubt clearing means when needed like while studying.
  3. In-depth, diversified and quality study materials from other sources.
  4. Lack of quality teachers in sub-urban and rural areas.
  5. Lack of knowledge of preparedness of other fellow students vis-à-vis our preparation.

There comes the idea why not create a platform, where a student can get all the above and become a One Stop Solution for all their exam preparations & needs. There after, we started our intensive research regarding the availability of platforms and their languages, and found the following:

  • Most of the platforms are for the students of English medium.
  •  Prices are Exorbitant and beyond the reach of common students..
  • No quality platform for Regional languages.

After many more rounds of discussion and brainstorming, in mid-2015, we decided to come up with our own unique platform at an affordable pricing. Then came the main part: deciding which platform and technology to choose so that it could remain an affordable yet technologically superior product for the masses. After much evaluative and brainstorming sessions, we finally zeroed down to our unique platform and technology. Similarly, when students are deciding on the right support for their academic work, engaging a helper like facharbeit schreiben lassen can provide an invaluable advantage in creating superior, academically rigorous projects.


After that, which Market & Language? Our pro-found research found that there was no entity in Bengali language, so we decided to be the Pioneer in Bengali language and test our product.

Thus born our own & new Revolutionary Service, Now called as “Online Preparatory Solutions“.

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Our Journey

Our Journey

  • May, 2016

    Started with a very small capital to test the Market.

    Launched our test product in West Bengal (Bengali) for market feedback.

    First time in Bengali.

    Improved our Services and Features based on constant market feedback.

  • Dec, 2017

    Registered our company as PrepNet Technologies Private Limited.

    Focussed on building a strong team of Experts both Technical and Academicians to build a robust and state of the art system.

  • Sept, 2018

    Launched our first Online Preparatory Solutions for School Exams in West Bengal (English / Bengali).

  • Apr. 2019

    Launched Animated Video Lessons for CBSE/ICSE School Exams in West Bengal.

    Launched our Online Preparatory Solutions for Competitive Exams in West Bengal (English/Bengali).

  • Nov, 2019

    Launched our test Online Live Classes in West Bengal (Bengali).

    Launched our Online Preparatory Solutions for Entrance Exams in West Bengal (English / Bengali).

  • Dec, 2019

    Nominated for INDIA 500 STARTUP AWARD 2019 for one of the best EdTech Companies in India.

  • Feb, 2020

    Launched our Online Preparatory Solutions in Tripura (Bengali).

    Received good response in our services from the Students.

  • Mar, 2020

    Launched our test Online Live Classes in Tripura (Bengali).

  • Aug, 2020

    Reached a milestone of 2 lakh registered users in our platform.

    Preparation started for our All India launch for our services in both English & Hindi.

  • May, 2021

    Launched our test product in Uttar Pradesh (Hindi) for market feedback.

    Added extra Services and Features based on constant market feedback.

  • Nov, 2021

    Launched our test product in all over Hindi Belt (English/Hindi).


About the Company

About the Company

PrepNet Technologies Private Limited is a young organisation, born in end 2017, with a primary focus to innovate and ease the way a Student prepares for various examinations through out their life. We, at prepnet, are very passionate about earning a Goodwill for a lifetime rather than temporary Profits and this passion unites us to stay committed towards our students so that they can get the Best and most Comprehensive services at a very competitive and affordable pricing.

As a young organisation, we have the urge to rise fast and make an impact in the marketplace. This urge to excel keeps us on our toes and compels us to introduce new, innovative, and unique services to our students. In this short span, what we achieved is due to our strong commitment to our vision. Among these services, we include the assistance of masterarbeit schreiben lassen, a specialized support for writing academic works, which helps our students excel in their academic pursuits by providing expert guidance and tailored content.We have our own standard of quality checking that we never Compromise under any circumstances. We, at prepnet, are always aware of demanding Global Standards and Specifications and are always ready to understand and solve the problems to meet “these” demands with utmost care. As a responsible Organisation, we firmly believe that “Customer Satisfaction is our Greatest Reward”.

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